Open Heart NeuroMeditation

Enhance your mood and empathy through meditation in this science-based online course. 

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This Online Open Heart Meditation Course will help you:

  • Improve Your Mood
  • Increase Your Empathy
  • Increase Your Gratitude & Appreciation
  • Open Your Heart
  • Increase Accurate Perspective Taking
  • Increase Your Generosity

This meditation style has also helped individuals struggling with:

Depression, Grief, Lack of Empathy, Resentment and Relationship Issues


This course is priced at $225. We offer convenient monthly installment payment options. 

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What is Open Heart NeuroMeditation?


The Open Heart Style emphasizes activating and enhancing positive feeling states, such as love, compassion, generosity, gratitude, or joy. With many/most of these practices you are intending to “send” these feelings out to others in the world. Targets for these practices may be yourself, family, friends, acquaintances, or regions of the world that are experiencing conflict. 

Learn from an Expert in Open Heart Meditation

Your instructor, Dr. Jeff Tarrant is the Director of the NeuroMeditation Institute, an institution specializing in expanding the benefits of meditation through science. Here he describes the format and contents of the Open Heart Course


“We are now going to implement an entire program in our high school based on NeuroMeditation and Jeff's teachings.”


School Counselor, Illinois School District

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You Receive 14 Lessons, 3 Guided Meditations, PLUS Bonus Techniques


This course takes a scientific approach to the art and practice of meditation.  Through the use of brain-based principles and tools, we can examine the specific styles of meditation and use this information to help both beginning and experienced meditators build a more stable and peaceful state of mind.

The Open Heart style of NeuroMeditation emphasizes and enhances positive feeling states, such as love, compassion, generosity, gratitude, and joy. Open Heart practices activate brain regions involved in sustaining attention, synthesizing thoughts and feelings, and increasing accurate empathy. It may be especially beneficial for addressing mood concerns and improving relationships.

This course contains

14 lessons, 3 Guided Meditations, a host of tips, tools and techniques to help you develop or advance your practice, a PDF of all slides, lifetime access to all of the content in this course, interactive comment component to help you get the most from this course.  7 CEU's available for Health Professionals.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Open Heart NeuroMeditation

Lesson 2: Open Heart Basic Meditation

Lesson 3: The Depressed Brain-Frontal Asymmetry

Lesson 4: Can Meditation Change Frontal Asymmetry

Lesson 5: Fake it Till You Make it

Lesson 6: Accessing Positive Emotions

Lesson 7: Open Heart Brain Waves

Lesson 8: Open Heart Research

Lesson 9: EEG NeuroMeditation

Lesson 10: Self-Compassion

Lesson 11: Gratitude

Lesson 12: Focusing on the Good

Lesson 13: VR + Neurofeedback

Lesson 14: Daily Practices

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