Mindfulness NeuroMeditation

Live in the moment and distance yourself from your thoughts with this online meditation course. 

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This Online Course Will Help You With:



  • Learning To Let Go
  • Creating Distance From Thoughts
  • Feelings & Behaviors
  • Reducing Judgement
  • Increasing Awareness of Bodily States
  • Calm Awareness of Present Moment

This course has also helped people who suffer from:

Anxiety and Chronic Stress

This course is priced at $225, but we also offer convenient monthly payment plans. 

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Learn From the Leader in the Field

Your instructor, Dr. Jeff Tarrant is the Director of the NeuroMeditation Institute, an institution specializing in expanding the benefits of meditation through science. Here he describes the format and contents of the Mindfulness Course


What is Mindfulness NeuroMeditation?


The Mindfulness Style of NeuroMeditation  emphasizes observing your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations more objectively, learning to create distance from internal reactions, bringing attention more fully to the present moment, and accepting things as they are without grasping, clinging, or pushing things away.

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Your Purchase Includes 12 Lessons, 5 Guided Meditations, PLUS Bonus Techniques


This course takes a scientific approach to the art and practice of meditation.  Through the use of brain-based principles and tools, we can examine the specific styles of meditation and use this information to help both beginning and experienced meditators build a more stable and peaceful state of mind.

The Mindfulness Style of NeuroMeditation helps us to engage in non-judgmental awareness of the present moment and non-attachment to thoughts, feelings, and sensations. This style generates nervous system balance and a calm awareness. It may be especially beneficial for addressing stress and anxiety.

This course contains

12 lessons, 5 Guided Meditations, a host of tips, tools and techniques to help you develop or advance your practice, a PDF of all slides, lifetime access to all of the content in this course, interactive comment component to help you get the most from this course.  6 CEU's  are available for Health Professionals.

Lesson 1: Mindfulness NeuroMeditation Overview

Lesson 2: Stress & Anxiety

Lesson 3: Anxiety, The Brain, & Mindfulness, Part 1

Lesson 4: Anxiety, The Brain, & Mindfulness, Part 2

Lesson 5: Tips & Tricks for Mindfulness Meditation

Lesson 6: Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Lesson 7: Mindfulness Begins in the Body

Lesson 8: Walking Meditation

Lesson 9: Mindful Movement: Qigong

Lesson 10: Mindfulness in Virtual Reality

Lesson 11: Using the Breath

Lesson 12: The Mandalynth

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“This was the aha-moment for me about meditation. I cannot thank you enough for everything in this course!”


Occupational Therapist, Tennessee, U.S.A.

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