Tools for Your Practice

Tools and Technology to Support & Enhance Meditation


Below are links to many of the tools we use in our programs. These are all companies we have worked with for years and support them based on their commitment to health promotion, ethical principles, and equal opportunity practices.

Meditation Interventions to Rewire the Brain:

Meditation Interventions to Rewire the Brain takes a practical, individual, brain-based approach to the practice of meditation. Author Jeff Tarrant, PhD, goes beyond traditional meditation practices to include a broad collection of mind-body strategies to effectively treat ADHD, anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Over 50 worksheets, handouts, tips, scripts and exercises.

Soma Breath


Soma is a complete holistic system of breathwork techniques. There is no one size fits all, and Soma takes into account everyone is different and requires different breathing techniques depending on their needs. Soma Therapeutic Breathwork techniques are the core pranayama techniques that have the most scientific evidence to support their function.

Mind Alive Inc.

Spectrum USB Eyeset

Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) is a technique that utilizes pulses of light and sound at specific frequencies to gently and safely guide the brain into various brain wave patterns. By altering your brain wave frequencies, you have the ability to boost your mood, improve sleep patterns, sharpen your mind and increase your level of relaxation, all with the simple push of a button! AVE also increases brain health by increasing cerebral blood flow and stimulating beneficial neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and endorphins. 


Healium is the world's first virtual and augmented reality platform powered by brainwaves and heart rate via consumer wearables. These story-driven escapes are powered by the user's feelings of positivity and calm via their wearables and our patented technology. Healium stories, packaged in a portable, digital kit, allow users to see their feelings and heal virtual worlds. Frontiers in Psychology and the Journal of Neuroregulation both published studies on Healium’s ability to quickly reduce moderate anxiety and increase feelings of positivity in as little as four minutes


Mindful Tracing Art 

Celtic Mandalynths and Finger Labyrinths are Mindfulness Tracing Art that help the mind focus and relax. They are excellent for personal, professional or classroom use.


BrainMaster Technologies is a single source of hardware, software, and support for Quantitative EEG (Qeeg) and neurofeedback equipment. The NeuroMeditation Institute has used BrainMaster equipment since its inception and it continues to be the centerpiece of our EEG NeuroMeditation program.

Guided Meditations Package

With this comprehensive set of audios developed by Dr. Jeff Tarrant, you can relax and allow yourself to be gently and effectively guided in your meditation practice.  Begin now to learn meditation, balance your brain, and deepen your experience! You will have immediate access to 12 downloadable guided meditations, from each of the 4 Styles of NeuroMeditation to match with your goals and needs.


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