New Mind EEG NeuroMeditation

A brain and science-based online meditation course for professionals

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Discover the science behind meditation

This course is the culmination of many years of teaching, practice, and research. It offers a brain and science-based approach to meditation.

By combining meditative practices with neurofeedback, you can more efficiently learn how to navigate internal states to deepen your practice, balance your nervous system, and improve a variety of mental health concerns.

By understanding the ways that different meditation styles impact the brain, you will also learn how to choose practices that are the best match for your clients goals and needs.



There has never been a better time to learn EEG NeuroMeditation online. 

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All The Tools You Need To Bring EEG NeuroMeditation into your practice

This course is designed for use with the New Mind Pro Online Subscription. When you enroll in the course you will be granted access to meditation protocols for Focus, Mindfulness, Open Heart, Quiet Mind, and Deep States, making it a streamlined way to begin your NeuroMeditation practice.

You will learn the science and practice of EEG NeuroMeditation in 23 lessons organized into 7 Modules, including demonstrations of each protocol.

  • Module 1: Introduction to NeuroMeditation
  • Module 2: Focus NeuroMeditation
  • Module 3: Mindfulness NeuroMeditation
  • Module 4: Open Heart NeuroMeditation
  • Module 5: Quiet Mind NeuroMeditation
  • Module 6: Deep States NeuroMeditation
  • Module 7: Next Steps and Final Thoughts
New Mind EEG NeuroMeditation Offer

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New Mind EEG NeuroMeditation

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