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Improve your mood, sleep better, feel less anxious, think more clearly, feel better about yourself. Enhance your relationships, your work performance, and your quality of life
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Improve your mood, sleep better, feel less anxious, think more clearly, feel better about yourself and your life. Enhance your relationships, your work performance, and your quality of life

NeuroMeditation uses brain-based principles for meditation for mental health and well-being. We offer a new approach to meditation rooted in science, that respects individual differences, and provides practical steps to make these practices more user-friendly. 

Through research and over 20 year of practice, we have discovered that meditations generally fall into one or more of four categories:  

  • Focus
  • Mindfulness
  • Open Heart
  • Quiet Mind 

We can determine each meditative style based on the way attention is directed, our intention during the practice, and the way the practice impacts the brain.  By understanding how meditation works, you can choose a style to match your goals.

We are pleased to offer a variety of courses and products, for professional and personal learning.  To get started, take the NeuroMeditation Styles Inventory or take our Free Introductory Class!

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What is NeuroMeditation

The Four Styles of NeuroMeditation


The Focus Style of NeuroMeditation emphasizes holding attention on a single object. Focus practices are associated with increased activation of the frontal lobes and improvement of a variety of cognitive functions (sustaining attention, reducing mind wandering, and improving reaction time and working memory).

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The Mindfulness Style of NeuroMeditation helps in developing a calm, non-judging awareness, and the ability to distance oneself from thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.  May be particularly beneficial for stress and anxiety, with increased slow brain waves (frontal midline theta). 

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Open Heart

The Open Heart Style of NeuroMeditation emphasizes  activating and enhancing positive feeling states, such as love, compassion, generosity, gratitude, or joy. Open Heart practices appear to increase gamma brainwaves in regions of the brain involved in sustaining attention, synthesizing communication between thoughts and feelings, in empathy, and in cultivating body-based emotions. 

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Quiet Mind

The Quiet Mind Style of NeuroMeditation represents the common view of meditation-that of entering a state of consciousness that is pure awareness or emptiness, with no specific thoughts or images present. These practices are associated with increased slow brainwave activity, essentially a "shutting down" of cognitive processes related to our sense of self (default mode network).

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Intro to NeuroMeditation Course:

This introductory class is the foundation for all of our primary courses. It provides a background into the organization of the NeuroMeditation approach, giving you an explanation of the 4 NeuroMeditation styles, how to choose a style that is right for you, and a "Brainwaves 101" lesson. Sign up now to take your Introductory Course.

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"Learning and practicing neuromeditation has been eye opening. It has been healing and helpful for myself and all the clients with whom I work and I am indebted to Jeff for that process of education and opening me to a new world. I can’t share enough about how great I think this practice is."

Bradford Bordini MSW, LCSW
Licensed Psychotherapist & Life Coach; Wisconsin, U.S.A.

"I have read well over 200 books on the brain and mental health and “neuromeditation” is the most valuable tool I can give my clients. It has changed my life and I have seen it change others."

MaryJane Schaftel
Health and Wellness Coach; Colorado, U.S.A.

"It is interesting [with neuromeditation] how fast you can get into the different states and use the technology to learn to hold on to those states. With neuromeditation, you are on track all the time so you can become very focused. Even though I did neurofeedback for years, this is very exciting and I would highly recommend it to others."

Elena Arici
Lic. Phil. Psychologist; Winterthur, Switzerland

"Before coming to this workshop, I was not so much into meditation, but [neuromeditation] really helped me to understand the practice and afterwards I felt really relaxed. I think there are a lot of benefits with neuromeditation. It is fascinating that everyone has their favorite style and I think that says something about the brain of each person. "

Fabian Schmon

"After I got out of my own way, it was really beautiful because my thoughts just dropped away and I went into this beautiful a very short period of time. This has been an amazing class. It has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve been a neurofeedback practitioner for 10 years and this is just taking our skill set to a much higher level."

Ruth Kreider

"This was the aha-moment for me about meditation. I cannot thank you enough for everything in this course because it kick started my personal practice and I teach children & parents these critical skills for a living! :-) I am serious, your conference totally transformed my way of living."

Andrea Ball
Licensed Pediatric OT; Tennessee, U.S.A.

"Dr. Jeff Tarrant's work with NeuroMeditation and Biofeedback is profound! I was blown away...wish I had met Dr. Tarrant decades ago and done work with him regarding my mental patterns. He can actually guide you to achieve a meditative state that is personally beneficial for you based on your brain wave patterns. I highly recommend Dr. Tarrant! "

Zhou Mo
Acupuncturist, Qi Gong Teacher; Oregon, U.S.A.

"I attended the "Neuromeditaiton" workshop in Munich with Dr. Jeff Tarrant. Dr. Jeff is an outstanding trainer with a lot of humour. The workshop was very well structured and we had plenty of time in the afternoon to make our own experiences with meditation and neurofeedback. Jeff answered all the questions very competently and professionally. The contents were very interesting and supported by many studies. The workshop documents are very extensive and far more than we learned in the workshop. We received all documents the very next day via e-mail. Simply top-knotch. I am very grateful to have attended this workshop, because I can integrate all the knowledge and experiences very well into my personal and professional everyday life. The workshop exceeded all my expectations by far. I have already attended many trainings, Dr. Jeff is one of the top trainers. I hope very much that there will be another opportunity to learn from Jeff. It was wonderful, Many, many thanks. "

Mag. Dr. Evelyn Popp-Hadalin
MCoach, MSc; Salzburg, Germany

"In the Neuromeditation workshop, Dr. Tarrant has provided me with both a broad map of the most common meditation techniques and a deeper understanding of their neurological effects on the brain and in turn how that translates to psychological and emotional well being. I have practiced a number of different styles of meditation for many years but now I have a clearer sense of how each style relates to each other and can choose to switch between them as appropriate for the current conditions of my life. The workshop also provided exposure to technology and other tools to support and improve the effectiveness of my meditation practice. The marriage of meditation with science only further cements my confidence and understanding of this practice."

Mark Williams
Long-Term Meditator

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