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Now, you can have it all in one report. The feedback to refine and enhance your meditation practice. 

 The NeuroMeditation Report Writer is an ever-expanding platform that allows you to import and analyze data from your NeuroMeditation sessions.

The Report Writer provides an efficient and objective way to determine if and how your clients are progressing in their EEG NeuroMeditation practice.


To learn more about EEG NeuroMeditation, check out the blog:

"Combining Neurofeedback with Meditation".



All the information you need. Streamlined.

Features Include:

Artifact Management: Clean your data to remove segments contaminated with muscle tension or movement.

Time Analysis: The percent of time you were able  to maintain the desired meditation state. This data is available for each individual meditation event as well as a combined score. 

Segment Comparison: Divide your session nto segments, allowing a comparison of different strategies or experiences.

Stability Analysis: A quick way to determine how successful your client was at maintaining the desired meditative state for different lengths of time.

Microvolt analysis:  Identify which EEG bands you would like to examine in the locations targeted.

Session Comparison: Compare performance between session or session segments.

NeuroMeditation Protocols

The Report Writer works with both sLORETA and 2-channel BrainAvatar based NeuroMeditation sessions. The protocols must be those created by the NeuroMeditation Institute. You can gain access to these protocols by attending one of our EEG NeuroMeditation workshops. If we don’t have a protocol you want, or the output isn’t giving you what you need, let us know and we will build it for you. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive library of NeuroMeditation protocols with an analysis system to match.

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