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12 Guided Meditations

With this comprehensive set of audios developed by Dr. Jeff Tarrant, you can relax and allow yourself to be gently and effectively guided in your meditation practice.  Learn how to effectively meditate, balance your brain, and deepen your experience!

NeuroMeditation is the application of brain based principles to meditation practices.All meditations generally fall into one or more of four categories and can be matched for your goals and needs: 

Focus, MindfulnessQuiet Mind, and Open Heart.

  • Balance your brain with the right meditation match:
  • Improve attention and concentration with Focus.
  • Reduce Anxiety with Mindfulness.
  • Feel better about yourself and gain mental clarity with Quiet Mind.
  • Improve relationships with Open Heart.

AND Here’s The Best Part…

These guided meditations are yours to use whenever and wherever your day will take you.

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