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What is NeuroMeditation?


NeuroMeditation is the application of brain-based principles to the practice of meditation for improved mental health and well-being. We offer a new approach to meditation.  An approach that is rooted in science, respects individual differences, and provides practical steps to make these practices more user-friendly.  

Meditations generally fall into one or more of four categories: 

FocusMindfulness, Open Heart, and Quiet Mind

We can determine each meditative style based on the way attention is directed, our intention during the practice, and the way the practice impacts the brain.  By understanding how meditation works, you can choose a style to match your goals.

Why Intro to NeuroMeditation?


This course is the foundation for all of our primary courses. It provides a background into the organization of the NeuroMeditation approach, giving you an explanation of the 4 NeuroMeditation styles, how to choose a style that is right for you, and a "Brainwaves 101" lesson. This course is also included as a free BONUS if you register for any of our primary courses.

We are pleased to offer a variety of courses and products, for professional and personal learning.  To get started, take the NeuroMeditation Styles Inventory!

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What will I Learn?


This course offers a brain and science-based approach to the practice of meditation. By understanding how and why meditation works, we hope to take some of the mystery out of these practices and, at the same time, increase your motivation and interest in designing a practice that fits your specific needs and/or enhances your ability to teach these concepts to others.

Your Instructor is Dr. Jeff Tarrant. He is the Director of the NeuroMeditation Institute,  a Licensed Psychologist, and Board Certified in neurofeedback.  Click HERE to learn more about Dr. Tarrant and the evolution of NeuroMeditation.

This course is organized into 5 lessons and serves as a starting point for all of the primary courses offered in our Distance Learning Portal. The lessons in this course include:

Lesson 1: What is NeuroMeditation?

Lesson 2: The 4 Styles of NeuroMeditation

Lesson 3: Choosing a Style

Lesson 4: Brainwaves 101

Lesson 5: What Now?

AND Here’s The Best Part…

We do this all through our online training so you get to work at your own pace.

“I am so excited about this work and can't wait to bring it to my clients.”


Wellness Business Owner, Ontario, Canada.

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